Friday, December 7, 2012

ATC - We Three Kings

"Whenever I feel the terrible need of..religion...I paint the Stars." ~Van Gogh

This Artist Traded Card has been uploaded for trade on the Yahoo Group I have been a member of since August. It is a mixed medium card that includes watercolor, markers, pen & ink and gel pens...and a tiny bit of white out. The watercolor backdrop did not appreciate the Pentel Markers and pilled the watercolor paper a little.

The Puerto Rican Culture used to exchange gifts only on January 6th but celebrated with food, music and friendship in the past. As generations grew up, the custom changed a bit in some families. I am drawn to images and stories of the Three Kings.

Some tell the story of a forth King that never made it to Baby Jesus with the three others. he was so generous that he kept stopping to help along the trip...a Good Samaritan. A wonderful story for many...

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