Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holidays and Toy Trains

Toy Train

With the holidays upon us, I find myself busy, completing tasks and not knowing they were complete until I go back to do them. Too much on my mind...need to remember to breathe and step back to see all the Magic of Christmas!
Speaking of Christmas Magic...Last night I was thrilled seeing some new lite Christmas decorations in a neighborhood while dropping off one of my son's friends that I missed his street! Ahahahahaha! We all had a wonderful laugh! It was great to hear teen boys laugh!

This ATC was created for the ATC_Fun(Yahoo group)'s Lottery for December 2014: Travel.

I thought I still had to work on this ATC but it was waiting to be trimmed only after the glitter dried! I was however behind in the two homemade Christmas cards for my Grandchildren. Hope to finish the last one today to drop it off at the Post Office ASAP!

May you all have a wonderful and safe holiday...Merry Christmas to those that celebrate!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Morning Sketch 12/12/2014

~Charcoal on newsprint

I'm missing something. Well, it feels like I am. I haven't been able to hide in my studio to actually sketch 'out of the blue'. It seems that I've been stuck on collaging, postcards and ATC's. I really can't think of anything in a messy studio. So I stepped out...on a small table with just some rolled up newsprint I had from one of my classes, a charcoal pencil, my kneaded eraser and my favorite tool...my fingers.

Flowers with petals have been one of my favorite to draw or include in my artwork. It keeps my memory attached to the warmth of spring and summer days. The SUNFLOWER...

My fingers are cold, and my lap needing a blanket...If I was alone, I'd pack up and leave for warmer climate...with just a small suitcase of necessary art supplies. Yeah-yeah-yeah! Who am I kidding?!?! I'm a chicken! My name says it all...Nydia...'child of the nest'...I'd have to pack my nest too! Ahahahaha!

I love my family and could never leave their side! I would have to beg for them to accompany me!

Hoping everyone's holidays are sweet for them...Merry Christmas everyone!