Friday, September 6, 2013

My Happy Place

MY Happy Place Postcard #1
is on it's way to the State of Washington!

One discarded tracking sheet from a construction company used as a place mat...When it looked really yummy with all the different markings, paint, etc., I doodled on it with no direction or plan. Stopped and used watercolor pastels...added outlined sketches of a butterflies then added die-cut butterflies, collaged. Stamped leaf patterns in green all over the postcard. The pattern made the butterflies pop.But felt they needed something else so I out line them with watercolor markers, blended them slightly and blotted them. The green butterfly is painted with a gelli dimensional paint while the other outlined ones were glittered. Hand written letters in metallic paint:  'Happy Place'. 
Covered the postcard with glossy gel medium. After viewing a photo of it, I noted that the stems and leaves needed more color on the tulips. They were painted with a green glitter gel pen. Metallic gold paint pen was used over the doodled checkered pattern. 
This postcard was created without a game plan. I went with the flow without any happy place...

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