Friday, August 10, 2012

I love color. My eyes get a twinkle in them when I see wonderfully delicious color combinations. I have noticed that bright and even neon colors tend to make me the happiest lately. The sun may be hiding behind clouds or even on those rainy days, this wonderful gift of colors makes my studio a very 'happy' place. It's like being out on the beach or at the top of a beautiful mountain peak.

Only recently, I have stumbled onto various blogs and youtube videos that introduced me to Art Journaling. Having an education in the Visual Arts, I have had a long dead period where I had not produced anything while raising my family. I was happy with my family but something tugged at me. I felt I no longer had any purpose. I have begun creating again since the later part of 2007.

I have been experimenting while moving between shows, festivals and teaching art for young teens/adults on the Autism Spectrum.  My favorite are the blogs with introduction to Art Journaling, Swaps and Layering techniques. I wish to thank many of the bloggers that I have been reading as they give me inspiration and a new found love to link to my colors.

Tiano, 8x10 canvas board, mixed media   ...I reserve all rights to this image ~ Copyright


  1. Hi Nydia! Nice to meet you. :) Great start to a blog. Love those colors. :)