Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Targeting an audience

Puerto Rican Flamboyant Tree, 8x10, Canvas Panel, Mixed Media
                                                                                  ...I reserve all rights to this image ~ Copyright
It sold at this year's annual Puerto Rican Festival this past weekend. I have been showing three years consecutive. I learned the hard way to pay attention to the audience you will be targeting. They were not interested in my traditional work. I had to choose a new body of work that was less expensive and I went with the program.

They weren't  interested in my floral pieces, my framed pastel works, or any of my birds. I had to zone in on the Island of Enchantment, images to remind them of back home. I tried to keep my pallet with a bright color scheme to catch the eye of the beholder and then reel them in.

Flamboyant trees are frequently seen all along the Island. The camera did not pick up the bright pinks and red in this tree. Probably because it  was textured. The first layer on this artwork is that of a song sheet, The Three Kings. Although much of it can not be seen through all the layers, it was another personal touch to their culture.

The tower is on of the posts to a tourist attraction on the Island, El Murro. Which is an ancient fort the Spaniards built for protection. And of course, a map of the Island was embedded with what appears to be a window of greenery.

I created four different canvas panels with four different themes. I did not frame these to keep the cost down and to allow them the opportunity to pick out a frame. Two of them sold! Yay! I am learning what my annual audience wants!

I also made these little one inch in diameter magnets.  I named Puerto Rican Lady Bugs for the fact that they are made from Goya Malta bottle caps. A non-alcoholic molasses drink many Puerto Ricans love, including my sons. They were displayed on a cookie sheet...I have to find another way to show them off as people thought they were edible....LOL!
Now...what to do for next year?

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