Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Inchy - Birdhouse

One would think that when you are creating small works of art in the form of ATC's/ACEO's, you would naturally move to a bigger venue. Nah...not me...I started working on Inchies(1 x 1 inch) works of art while waiting for my art card to dry or develop another idea(taking a break to go back to it with a new thought). These are so much fun! I love working with my scraps and even layer them whenever possible.

So here I find myself, practically not tossing anything away. I am saving more even smaller pieces of scrap for another inchy project. So instead, I keep pre-cut inchies nearby and begin the layering in order to 'not save' as much junk! Am I making any sense?

My work space has all these little projects, drying from the glue, glitter and/or paint all around. When I first sit at my favorite seat, I begin the fun task of checking out the tiny projects previously worked on. I cut off all excess edges, and play with them, contemplating what next...

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