Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Another year gone by. Bringing us to yet another Valentine's Day. All the commercialization has choked it with ideas of what to give your special someone.

Why not bring it close to home and make a special Valentine. Go on a scavenger hunt at home or the office looking for items, colors, anything you can add to your HOMEMADE valentine. Memories of being a child, creating that Valentine for Mom(or your crush) should bring a sweet warm and tender feeling travel through you.

Last Year 2012's Valentine to my youngest son was this Heart shaped card that is still hanging in this 15 yer old's room. He does not say much but he obviously liked the card enough to hang it up. top that one...I don't have much time today as he comes home early from school so I have to get moving!

Here is a Valentine for all of you out there from me...

Have a wonderful one! Don't duck from the cupid's arrow!

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