Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Everyone is after my 'Lucky Charms'...

ATC - Lucky Charms
Mixed Medium
to be traded on FineArtsATC on http://groups.yahoo.com

Oddly enough St. Patrick's Day is my spouse's birthday...he is not Irish! Aren't I a 'lucky' artist with a Leprechaun from Ecuador!?!

My favorite color is green...but the brighter the better!  Don't get me wrong...I adore ALL colors but I seem to be partial  to green and yellow for some reason. I do love the sun. It is bright, warm and inviting. And, I do love the grass and the leaves on trees! So, if you have not guessed it! I love Spring and Summer!

St. Patrick's Day starts the countdown for me towards warm weather. Come on Spring!

Here is an excellent Journal Prompt:  What is your Lucky Charm?

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